Artist Statement

My visual work is a very basic idea to create abstract landscape. Nature always inspires me and brings the most absolute purity. Nature gives us freedom and rhythm, exploiting human weakness, unexpectedly jumping in and out of darkness, seasons change with no rules, and give us space to think and appreciate who we are. We are living in a very fast world, without thinking we slowly damage our planet without knowing. Our ailing environment reaps of wounds left by modern human existence and this is reality, the ever present. I created all of my paintings based on my trips to different countries, or everyday landscape of life. These abstract landscape are part of an idea and also part of reality, as this is the expressed thought of my world of art. They are very much a part of my works using materials such as acrylic flow release and mixed paints.

Various textures and different techniques such as one of my processes involves laying out the canvas and mapping out exactly what I’m doing, then I begin soaking and shaping out the line work, then I begin making the designs. My paintings consist of many different layers of many colors. I rarely use the paint brush, I manipulate the canvas and flow of paint using by my hands. Many complex colors enable me to express my ideas and release that same passion into my work.


I was born in Seoul Korea and study fashion illustration in Germany. Graduated from Western Washington University while living in Lynden, Washington and continue to paint as artist. My paintings have been exhibited in the Jansen Art Center.