I wanted to become an artist because of my brother Peter he is my inspiration. When he moved to Europe to study in Paris France, he invited me to Paris. That was the beginning that opened my eyes and the onset of love to become an artist. When Peter completed his studies there, he left being well respected and admired. While he was there I visited Paris, he showed me many different museums and I very much so loved to learn more about art, traveling the world, and experiencing painting, history and culture.

I also lived in Germany for several years, so I could be close to my brother while he was there.I’m very lucky to have brother like him, I learned from him and studied hard pursuing a dream to become an artist. Today without my brother’s inspiration I wouldn’t be who I am as an artist. My brother still supports me and encourages me. He is a very loving and compassionate person, he always teaches me without words, showing me through his example. He is my role model for my life, and true teacher.