This is a story about my father who was a true living individual.

My father retired as the Railroad Director. At age 75 he opened his small business, he repaired shoes, umbrellas, and small appliances basically any item people had discarded but renewing all these items. He set up a shop near the University Hospital in Seoul, Korea. All the money my father earned from his small business was used to help others and for charity.

I remember the story of a young nursing student, my father watched her work hard at school, and from school she would go to work for many hours to support herself. One day she visited his repair shop, for her shoes were in need of repair. She asked him if he could repair her shoes, my father gave her a pair of shoes, he did not charge her for them, she insisted on paying for them, but my father replied, and that her education was more important. Very thankful, she bowed, in over whelming disbelief, and left. A few days later she returned, bringing lunch and friendship.

At age 13 my brother peter went to the seminary to become a priest. He spent many years away from home studying afar. My father was always there supporting his son. Eventually my brother became a priest and also a university professor of theology, and CEO of a Newspaper Company, now his schedule is quite demanding. After my father passed away, while in a discussion with my brother, my brother told me that every single day, for many years, until the time that my father passed away, my father had come to visit my brother, sharing approximately 10- 15 minutes of time with his son (this was amazing to me because my father would travel, by subway 40 minutes, one way). What an amazingly beautiful, thoughtful and loving example of support my father had been for my brother.

My father was will and always will be the greatest inspiration I have ever known. His love, support, kindness, and lessons of life that he shared with me, I hold deep in my own heart, as priceless treasures. My father continued his work, his giving and sharing. I know that in his own way, silently and without expectation he affected the lives of many, and they are all better just for knowing him. My father worked helping others, until 2 weeks before he passed away at age 95. I miss him, but I know in my heart he is always watching over me.