Sometime ago I walked by a lake, I saw a big tall tree, there was one single leaf left on its limbs that was wresting with the harsh wind, but it refused to let go. She tried to hang on to the branch refusing to surrender to the inevitable. Even through strong winds, her last bit of life, was held unwavering, precious last life that is still better then lifelessness. Without life you can’t feel happiness or pain, when you still exist life is worth living. There is a story about a brave little girl who was born with half a heart and still lives on. People are trying to raise money to provide her an opportunity to have a heart transplant. Life is precious, people have hope for another miracle, life is better than lifelessness. Even born with half a heart the baby girl is not giving up on life, her smile is enlightening. Life is worth conquering the challenge’s one may have to face in order to live. Like the last leaf and the little girl both who are both deeply instilled with the passion to live on, painting the image of hope and the desire to survive for all those who are watching. The creation of art is much like that of a moment in life, capturing an everlasting image that will live on throughout time.

“Today is life-the only life you are sure of. Make the most of today.” Dale Carnegie Quotes